1. The first step in Exporting an Assessment template is having an assessment template that you need to be exported from an environment, but since you are reading this we’ll assume you have that part figured out.
  2. Now that you know what Assessment template you want to export you are going to navigate to the ExAM Configuration tab.
  3. On this page, you are going to scroll down until you see a section titled “Assessment Template Export (XML)”
  4. In the Assessment Template textbox, you will type in the name of the Assessment Template that you intend to export from this environment and you will select it and click the Export Assessment Template button. It is not necessary to create a date range.
  5. Once you have selected the Export button a new tab will open that will show the XML file. You will want to right click on this page and click “Save as”. Make sure that you title the document something easy to interpret so that when it is time to import this file you can easily identify it.
  6. Now that the file is saved you have successfully exported and Assessment Template from one environment that is ready to be imported to another.