The Extensible Assessment Manager (ExAM) application sits atop the platform & provides an incredibly effective, versatile, & affordable toolset for process improvement, business analytics, & collaboration. With an emphasis on improving all aspects of facilities , operations, physical security & risk management, MB&A tailored ExAM to provide the following capabilities “out of the box” :

  • Physical security assessments
  • Visitor registration, monitoring& reporting
  • Database management & mining (Crime statistics, performance, incident management, etc.)
  • First rate reporting (tailorable, intuitive and adaptive)
  • Interactive graphical interface (map overlays of crime statistics, boundaries, etc.)
  • Work flow & task management
  • Intuitive & comfortable user interface that emulates the feel of many of today’s popular social media sites

Why we built Exam:

ExAM directly seeks answers to critical questions regarding the current operations and physical security at a facility. Through the use of intuitive reporting and easy to use dashboards, critical business analytics are derived that will organizations:

  • Reduce costs
    • Reduced travel
    • Make informed and prioritized decisions
  • Increase security awareness
    • Analytics provide a clear picture of current conditions
    • Additional data provided on visitors, student and faculty attendance, etc.
  • Reduce risk
    • Make informed and timely threat assessments
    • Prioritize decision making on critical infrastructure upgrades

ExAM – A Powerful Tool For Management & Security Professionals

The platform and its apps can be thought of in much the same way that Apple platform and its apps. By creating a powerful and secure environment for developers Salesforce has enabled us to focus on what we know best…Facilities Management, Security and Decision Support. Because ExAM is hosted in the cloud your organization only pays for the service it needs not expensive hardware and software. and applications power productivity in more than 70% of the worlds Fortune 500 companies because they are focused on security and performance everyday. It also means that once you have started using the platform in your organization you can leverage all of the inherent power of the world’s leading CRM and access more than 100,000 applications that have been developed for the Enterprise. In addition, ExAM utilizes a web browser interface that ensures compatibility with existing computer hardware, while providing an intuitive interface that, in turn, decreases training requirements. ExAM is also a robust tool that can manage any facility, track and monitor faculty training requirements, and utilize existing data base information to feed the ExAM analytical capabilities.