ExAM Overview

ExAM provides an agile decision support environment built for the social enterprise. It helps handle your data calls, re-platform expensive legacy apps in the cloud, and create truly integrated decision support and performance management environments. Built on the most successful cloud platform in the world (Force.com) it is secure, scalable, and inherently mobile.

ExAM can help organizations solve many problems including:

  1. Re-platforming low to medium complexity apps to reduce costs
  2. Create integrated decision support environments
  3. Handle data calls across a broad array of capability areas including IT portfolio management, facilities management, security, capital planning, strategic planning, inventory management, etc.

Check out our 90 second product video:

ExAM includes vertical specific implementations tailored for specific markets including:

  • ExAM4Business.com: Change the way you understand your organization, re-platform to save money and deliver integrated decision making.
  • ExAM4Government.com: Save money, meet compliance requirements, communicate, collaborate, and transform all in the world’s most successful cloud environment.
  • ExAM4Schools.com: Safer schools are better schools. We can help you make better decisions or use our flagship security assessment to find out how secure your school is today.

ExAM helps organizations:

  1. Gather the right information.
  2. Get it to (from) the right people.
  3. Get it in the right form.
  4. Get it into your processes.
  5. Get results.

Our Assessment Management Wizard enables you to build out the questions you need to get the answers you need to support decisions easily and affordably. Our scoring system enables you to do more than just ask questions. Scoring enables you to weight the responses to your questions so that you can create models to support ongoing decision making. It also provides workflow so that you can leverage that model with the participants that matter in a repeatable fashion enabling continuing improvement opportunities through this standardized approach. Along the way you can leverage the platforms capability to understand, collaborate and implement in real time.

Why we built Exam

The Salesforce.com platform and its apps can be thought of in much the same way that Apple platform and its apps. By creating a powerful and secure environment for developers Salesforce has enabled us to focus on what we know best..and because ExAM is hosted in the cloud your organization only pays for the service it needs not expensive hardware and software.

Salesforce.com and Force.com applications power productivity in more than 70% of the worlds Fortune 500 companies because they are focused on security and performance everyday. It also means that once you have started using the Salesforce.com platform in your organization you can leverage all of the inherent power of the world’s leading CRM and access more than 100,000 applications that have been developed for the Enterprise.

In addition, ExAM utilizes a web browser interface that ensures compatibility with existing computer hardware, while providing an intuitive interface that, in turn, decreases training requirements. ExAM is also a robust tool that can manage any facility, track and monitor faculty training requirements, and utilize existing data base information to feed the ExAM analytical capabilities.