Field Mapping an Assessment Template to an Assessable Object

Field Mapping allows you to pull information from completed assessments directly into the object that they are related to. After you have set up field mapping for an assessment template and related it to an object whenever a distribution is set up with the same relation the answer provided will be mapped to the object. To configure field mapping for an assessment follow the steps below.

Navigate to ExAM Configuration and scroll down till you see the field mapping configuration section and click on Configure Field Mapping.

Here you are able to select the Assessable Object you intend to map to and the Assessment Template you are using to collect the data.

Now that you have the object and assessment selected you can click the + to create a new mapping and select the Field Destination as well as the Question and Response type. You are able to repeat this step until you have all the desired field mapping set up and then you will click Save.

You have now configured the field mapping for that assessable object and assessment template combination. Whenever that assessment template is completed the answers will be mapped to the assessable object fields.