Field Mapping for Web to Lead/Case Forms

Navigate to the ExAM Configuration tab.

Scroll down until you see the section titled Field Mapping Configuration. You will then click on Configure Field Mapping. 

Then under the Case/Lead Field Mapping section, you will choose the Assessment Template and the Assessable Object, which in this case, should be set to Lead.

To start adding field mapping you will click on the blue plus sign.

Once you have clicked the plus sign you will see two drop down picklist appear. The left drop-down picklist is where you select what field you would like the information mapped to and the right is where you will select what question will provide the information to be mapped. 

You will repeat the previous steps until you have all the field mappings set for each respective question. Then you will click Save Field Mapping. 

You have now configured your web to lead form so that the questions that you have asked will be mapped to the proper fields.