Having great aggregate data is nice but the whole reason we are creating an individual link per customer was so to dive more deeply into who are classified as Detractors, Promoters, and Passives. In order to be able to take advantage of that within each Contact object record.

Updating the Salesforce Contact Object

Eventually, I am going to want to have the following bits of information available to me at a glance on the Contact object.

My first step is going to be to create a field on the Contact object to house the NPS score for the ExAM product. I created a field called ExAM NPS Score.
ExAM NPS Score Field.png

I’m also going to have a field set up so it’s easy to tell at a glance whether someone is considered a Promoter, Passive, or Detractor. So I also built a quick picklist field to hold those values.

Next, I’m building a field so I can tell when the last NPS survey is taken. This will become critical once we move into Process Builder and start managing NPS object record creation.

I’ll also build a field where we can map the template for the last NPS survey taken into the contact object. This really only becomes relevant if we have multiple products we are measuring NPS against. I’ve included it because we measure NPS against multiple products and services.
NPS Survey Template Field.png

Finally, to keep things fun, I’ve included an NPS icon that changes depending on the NPS score of the contact. You can pick up the zip file that includes all of the icons here. Feel free to use our icons!

Once we have the fields built on the Contact object we can map the data from our survey into it via ExAM Field Mapping.

Field Mapping from the Survey to the Contact Object

Field Mapping is an ExAM feature that enables you to move data directly from surveys, data calls and forms into object records in your Salesforce environment. In this case, we will be moving data from our NPS survey into the related Contact object.

I mapped the questions from my survey to the field in the contact object via ExAM. First, navigate to ExAM Configuration and scroll down till you see the Field Mapping Configuration section and click on Configure Field Mapping.

You will then select the Assessable Object and the Assessment Template. You will map the key fields and it should look a little something like this:

Contact Field Mapping.png


Once you have completed this you will click Save. It is also in your best interest to take a quick test survey to make sure the data is flowing into your Contact object records properly.

Create a Salesforce Workflow to update a Contact’s NPS Status

Now that I have my additional field in place I am going to build a quick Salesforce workflow that listens for updates to the ExAM NPS Score Field and then updates the ExAM NPS Status accordingly.

First, create a workflow rule that listens for when an update is made to a Contact record and evaluates the score in the field you created. If the value is equal to or less than 6 the workflow should fire.

Then create a Field Update from the workflow in order to update the Field Value on your contact’s NPS Status to Detractor when the workflow runs. Once complete do the same to cover your Passives and Promoters.Make sure you Activate! your workflows!
Update Field Value.png

Congratulations! You should now be able to send a customer an email with an NPS assessment link, have them fill it out, have the data round trip back into your Salesforce org and into your contact object! Pat yourself on the back…you have come a long way. We could stop here, but I want to push this into something that could become a real NPS system for large complex organizations with many products and services.