Now that we have done all this work getting everything created and configured so we have an awesome new Customer Service Survey we have to make sure we are putting it to good use. Is there a better way to do this than creating new dashboards so that we can visualize and analyze trends in the results? I think not!

1. First, navigate to the Reports tab.

2. Before we create a Report and a Dashboard for the Customer Service Survey we are going to want to create folders to store both of these in. So click on the button next to “Find a folder..” and then create two folders for the Report and the Dashboard. I would suggest names like “Customer Service Report folder” and “Customer service dashboard folder” to keep things nice and simple. Or don’t listen to us and do whatever you want!

3. Now that we have our folders created we are going to start by making a report. So go ahead and click on New Report…


4. Here we are going to type “Exam” into the quick find box, where we will select i1 Exam question response and assignments and then we will click Create.

5. Now you will want to add a filter so that you will be able to see the questions from the survey that you are wanting to report on. So you will click on the Add button then in the filter, you will type in “Main_questionare_template_id” and set that equal to the template ID that fits your customer satisfaction survey, and then you will click OK.

6. Now you will want to Add another filter and set it to “Question_Template id” and set that equal to the first question in your survey so for example “Q-31905”, and click OK.

7. Then you will click on Tabular Format and select Matrix.

8. Now you will type “Question” into the quick find box and you will click and drag question over to the matrix.

9. Then you will do the same for “Response” except you will drag and drop it to the Y-axis column.

10. Now you will click on Add Chart.

11. Then you will change the “group by” field to by Response and save.

12. Now you will click Save and save this report in the report folder that we made previously. Make sure you have as detailed of a title as you find necessary

13. Now to continue to make the same reports for the different questions in the survey we will just edit this report by changing the filter to equal another question ID in the survey and saving it again. You can repeat this as many times as necessary.

14. When you are done entering all the reports for the questions you have you will click Close and will be prompted to save before closing.

Now that we have all the reports created for the questions in our Customer Satisfaction Survey we are going to create a Dashboard so that we can have a nice compiled view of our results.

1. If you aren’t already on the reports tab you would navigate there now where you are going to click New Dashboard…

2. Now you can choose from the components displayed on the left and drag and drop them into the columns.

3, Now you will click on the Data Sources tab and expand the Reports folder where you will find the folder that we saved the reports we just created in.

4. Then you will drag and drop the desired reports into the components.

5. You will now have your reports displaying on a dashboard. From here there are various formatting and visual changes that you can play with in order to get it displaying how you want.

6. After you have tweaked everything to get the reports displaying how you want you will want to click Save and save them into the dashboard folder that we created earlier.

7. You have now successfully created reports and then brought those together to create a dashboard where you will be able to visualize the data gathered from your Customer Satisfaction Survey.