Now that you have created a Customer Satisfaction survey that is up to the high standards that you set for yourself, we have to create a public assessment so that your customer will be able to take it!

1. Navigate to the Assessment Development Wizard tab where you will click on the Public Assessment Manager.

2. From here you will want to select the assessable object that you would like as well as the customer satisfaction assessment template. Then you will click Save and this will have created a public assessment link that is anonymous and every time that the survey is taken it will create a new assessable record and assignment manager.

3. Now you will have a public assessment link generated that you will be able to view your survey at as well as use it to distribute through the Email template that we will create later in this blog series.

4. To find this link navigate to the Public Assessments tab.

5. Now click on the Go! button new to all to display all public assessment links.

6. Here you will sort by created date and then you will click on or copy the Public Assessment URL. We will need this URL later to insert into our Email template.