Today, I want to focus in on some of the core features of ExAM4enterprise. A lot of times in this blog we talk about very specific things: 

  • Customer satisfaction surveys 
  • Data collection tools
  • Inspections 

I just want to talk basic principles. One of the reasons that you have a CRM is you’re trying to understand engagement with your customers or stakeholders that are outside of your organization. One of the things that ExAM4enterprise does really well is it helps you get that information out of people’s heads, and into your CRM, so that you can evaluate it. The reason we call ExAM the extensible assessment manager is we want you to assess the information as it comes in, it’s not just about getting it, it’s about assessing it, but it starts with getting it. 

So when you’re thinking about data collection or information gathering and getting info out of your customers head or a stakeholder that’s, that’s connected to your organization. One of the things that you need to realize is that ExAM4enterprise, lets collect information against any object in your Salesforce org, whether that’s a Contact record, Lead, Case, or a custom object

You can collect data against it. If you want people to register for an event, whatever it is, you can through the magic of ExAM’s field mapping technology and distribution capabilities you can create a form develop a series of questions with perspective answers and begin gathering that information. How you collect it is flexible. You can email a specific group of contacts or leads. The contacts can be related to a specific field on a specific object and you can send them an email, or a text message, you can post a link on the web, or maybe even embed a ExAM4enterprise form on your corporate website.

There are a lot of tools that ExAM4enterprise can bring to bear for you. And once you’ve done built your data collection sharing it is easy and it can be fully branded, just like the rest of your corporate resources. You can do a full style treatment on it, make it look pixel for pixel exactly how you want it to look. I know that’s awesome in and of itself, you can create beautiful forms that are directly tied into your CRM. And you can start pulling information in. What makes it even better is the combination of ExAM4enterprise, our Assess Anything technology and our Field Mapping. 

Because we allow you to collect information in the context of any object in your org. Meaning opportunities, leads, cases, whatever it is, whatever you need to know information about you can connect ExAM4enterprise to that object so that you can collect your information in the context of that thing. And then through Field Mapping, you can actually for every question, you can map the answers back into the fields in Salesforce. So when you when the person puts their response back in whether it’s a number question or a text field, or it’s a pic, list, whatever it is, that information, as it comes in it maps that information from the question to the answer. And it doesn’t stop there, you can map either the answer itself, a score based on a scoring model you’ve developed, or even data about the data collection itself from what we call the Assignment Manager. 

This metadata connection around the Assignment Manager is essentially as the name makes it sound about the assignment of the information that needs to be collected. So if you want to know how long it took the person to fill out the form, you can find that out. If you want to know what their IP addresses is and things like that you can. We then make it so you can map all of this information in and create nice rows of information that represents whatever it was you collected information about. 

This makes it so you can you can you can easily go in and see for each response that was put in from somebody to a particular web form for example, here’s each question and answer value as it ties across back to the fields of that thing. For example, maybe you’re asking contacts to update information about themselves. Maybe you’ve got 14,000 people that read your newsletter and you want to make sure that you know when their birthday is so that you can send them a happy birthday card. You might even have some products you know they are interested in. ExAM4enterprise lets you send them only the information that’s relevant to them, set up your questionnaire that you’re going to go out with through the exam command console. Then create a group that encompasses the customers that you want to send it to based on your criteria, maybe its customers have this problem with a specific problem and with birthdays that fall within a specific range and create that group. It doesn’t have to be explicit, it can be based on matching rules, etc. Then create a distribution and send it out. As the information comes back you’re able to you’re the new data about in real time. This is a pretty specific example but, in a lot of ways, ExAM4enterprise just gives you a toolbox to better understand the outside world and to map that outside world to what’s inside what’s inside your Salesforce org.