One of the several new question types that have been added in the recent updates is the question type Hidden. This question is a little bit different than what has generally been available in the sense that when this question type is added to an assessment template it does not display when viewed in the public assessment. This question type also requires you to provide it with a default value. This question type allows for you to carry information into a public assessment that you may not wish to ask the participant. Having this information that is already embedded in an assessment template allows for a variety of use cases!

1.Getting the Hidden question on an assessment template is as straightforward as adding any question. First, you will want to navigate to a section template within an assessment template where you will click New Question Template.

2.Now you would select the question type Hidden, give the question text as well as provide the question with a Default value.

3.The question above is showing an example of a use case where you might only be sending this public assessment to one company and you would like to have that company’s name recorded as an answer but do not wish to prompt a participant to enter that information. This is just a basic example to demonstrate the function.

4.You would then click Save. Now that question with that default answer is attached to this public assessment.