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The following instructions are very high level as we know that people use many different methods for sending bulk email from Salesforce. Today we will briefly cover the concepts required to get a send to this list from a typical Mass Email Client like Sparkpost, Mail Chimp or Constant Contact).

  1. The first step is simply grabbing the report we created with the Contact Name, Email, and Public Assessment Link.
  2. Once you have this report export it to Excel and open it. Remove the Salesforce footer info at the bottom of the report.
  3. Create a mail template. Most commercial grade mass mail clients will let you include substitution variables into these templates which is why we have included the Name and Public Assessment link into the report. Include these into the email template so that you can get the individualized NPS link as well as the person’s name into the email template.  

Save as a CSV file, upload to your Mass Mail provider and hit send!

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