How Does ExAM Work?

ExAM is composed of assorted custom and standard objects. All of these objects are working together to provide you with all the functionality that ExAM is capable of. Here is a basic overview of how everything is working together to provide you with the functionalities available. As you continue to read through the document you will become more familiar with the inner workings of ExAM.

First, you identify the specific use case that you intend to use ExAM for. This can be anything from gathering customer feedback from real people to completing housing inspection by certified inspectors. Once you have identified the information that you intend to gather you would create an assessment template. The assessment template is one of those objects that we had talked about that allows you to gather information. The assessment templates can be thought of as containers that hold section and question templates. Assessment templates also carry many of the key configuration options including styling page forwarding. Once the assessment template is created you would then choose how you with the distribute this assessment using the ExAM Command Console Distribution tool. During the process of distributing the assessment, you are able to associate that assessment template to an assessable object, as well as choose how that assessment is made available. Once all these distinctions have been made you will then distribute the assessment to the target audience. Upon the survey respondent receiving the assessment they will be able to complete and submit that assessment containing the information that has been requested. Doing so will subsequently create an assignment manager record that will house the information that was submitted. ExAM is then able to process the information that was gathered in relation to the assessable object by utilizing functions such as field mapping and analytics. You are then able to view this information via the ExAM Command Console analytics tab. This will help you visualize the information that you have brought into your Salesforce Org and inform you on the actions you should take next. This has been a very simplified version of how ExAM is working to help you accomplish your tasks.