The Lightning Assessment Viewer is the newest way to make assessment template available through the ExAM Viewer for Distribution Lightning component that can be added to any community page. The Lightning Viewer is exciting for several reasons, the first being the noticeable page speed performance improvements. The Second being its versatility allowing you to place the ExAM Viewer for Distribution component on any community page and be able to collect information through assessment of inspection directly on that page. Before you are able to start utilizing this new feature, there are several things you will want to know that are discussed below.

Setting up a Community to Support the Lightning Assessment Viewer

Navigate to Setup and input Communities in the quick find bar and select All Communities.

Click New Community and select the page layout. Name the community and create the custom URL and click Create.  

Click on the Builder tab. Here you are able to remove or add any lightning components so that the page is styled to your liking. The only component that you must have on this page in order for the assessment to properly display is the ExAM Viewer for Distributions. You do not have to specify the Public assessment ID or the Distributions value for this component it will automatically recognize the this information once you have set a distribution related to this community.

At this point you have added the only component necessary to support the Lightning Assessment Viewer. You are able to add additional components and styling to the community. Once the page is to your standard you will click Publish.

Creating a Distribution using the ExAM Lightning Assessment Viewer

Navigate to the ExAM Command Console and select the Assessment Template where you will click the Distributions tab.

Create a distribution by clicking on +New Distribution and navigate through the distribution creation as you normally would until you reach the Delivery section. In this section you will select the ExAM Lightning option which will allow you to designate the community type and select the community

Continue through the rest of the distribution creation and click Save Distribution. You are now able to click on the distribution you just created and preview the assessment template from the URL.