Feature Lookup Question Type

Lookup questions allow admins to provide a filterable list of objects to choose from on an assessment template. In order to use the lookup question, firs,t you must create a lookup filter. This filter will allow you to choose an assessable object and assign filter criteria that will determine what records will be available as answer options when using this lookup filter template. Once you have configured the assessable object and the associated filter criteria you will save the lookup filter template. On the assessment template, you are now able to add a lookup question and provide it with the usual information to create a question. The additional step here that is different from the other question types you are accustomed to is you must define the Lookup Filter Template on the question template. This will be how the question determines what records will be available in the lookup field. Now that you understand what goes into implementing the lookup question, we will walk through the actual steps to do so.

Lookup Filter Creation

Navigate to the ExAM Command Console tab.

Scroll down until to the Lookup Filter Configuration Section.

Indicate that you are creating a new filter by choosing New from the dropdown picklist next to the question “Do you want to create new filter or use an existing one?”

Next, you will select the assessable object that the lookup filter will relate to from the drop down picklist.

You will provide the Name of the filter template in the field “Name of the filter”. Make sure you name it something clear and concise so you are able to clearly identify what template should be used for what question.

You are able to determine what records are available using the filter criteria that you are creating by providing a combination of information in the filter criteria fields.

You can add additional filter criteria to create more complex filters by clicking the Blue Plus Sign.

Once you have built out the filter criteria to your standards you click Save to create the filter template and make it available for use.

How to add the Lookup Question Type to an Assessment Template

Navigate to the ExAM Command Console and select the assessment template that you intend to add a lookup question to.

Now that you are on the assessment template you will click +Add Question.

Next, you will provide your desired question text and select the question type Lookup from the drop down list. You will notice that when you select the Lookup question type you will be prompted to select a Lookup Filter Template.

Select the Lookup Filter Template that you have previously created and click Add Question. Your question will be saved to the assessment template and the answer options that are available will be dictated by what lookup filter template you have chosen.