Once you have your surveys ready to send it’s a good time to pull together a quick dashboard to monitor how you are doing. The following is just a concept and you can certainly do more but I think this covers the basics. I chose to cover the following for my first cut:

  • Net Promoter Score
  • # of ExAM NPS Surveys Submitted this FQ
  • # of NPS Surveys Submitted by Product
  • Average NPS Score by Product
  • ExAM NPS by Product Avg. Score
  • Customers Avg. Submitted Score

The only one of these that really needs explanation is probably the ExAM NPS Score.

  1. To build this report create a new report with NPS with Product Report type.

  2. Change the report to a summary format, add your columns and add the NPS formula as shown below.

  3. Once complete you should be able to build the gauge chart shown below pretty easily.

That’s it for now. There is obviously more you can and should do including automating follow up email templates, etc. But this should get you started.