The Command Console currently resides in the ExAM application as a tab and therefore it can be found under the All tabs section.

Just simply click on the plus symbol in the top right hand of the header and then scroll down until you see the Tab ExAM Command Console and click on it. From there the rest is pretty intuitive but if anything is tripping you up there will be other articles to follow that will walk you through the process of using the new and improved Command Console!

Alternatively, if you want to add this super useful tab the header or make any changes to the tabs available to you at a click of the button you can do so by entering Setup.

Then in the quick find box, you will type in type in Apps and click on the Apps that is located in the Create section.

From here you will click the Edit button next to the ExAM App, which will bring you to a screen where you can select what tabs are displayed in the header.

From this screen, you are able to select Objects from the available tabs section and move them to the selected tab section. Tabs that are in the selected tab section will be displayed in the header and the order that they are here will be reflected.

Make sure that you click Save on this page and the changes that you have made will be shown in the App, and you will now have quick one-click access to the ExAM Command Console!