Customer Feedback

The Challenge

A large hospital system wanted to measure the feedback being provided by patients across different service lines and use the information to provide better access to care, services, and access to engagement across its medical facilities.

The team wanted to be able to really understand how its services were being perceived generally but also to understand how demographics, geography, and the medical centers providing the service played into the perception of service delivery.

In short, they wanted real and actionable insight that enabled them to take action in order to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction was being attained and to create the ability to drive improvements in a targeted manner in real time.

The Solution

The team developed a simple feedback instrument in ExAM to measure ease, effectiveness, and trust across their customer base. The team then used statistical analysis to determine appropriate outreach targets across key demographic areas.

The team leveraged data from the corporate data warehouse in order to enrich the information gathered from the short and simple survey instrument to reduce the amount of information that needed to be gathered directly from the customer. This reduction in data entry effort drove higher completion rates.

The combination of higher completion rates and a rich pool of customer data enabled a much more comprehensive understanding of the customer and the customer’s interactions with medical services. In this case with data flowing directly from the customer and the corporate data warehouse into Salesforce and Einstein Analytics for advanced analysis.

The feedback instrument was also capable of enabling real-time intercession on behalf of the customer. ExAM enables scoring and case questions which make it easy for customers having a poor user experience to do more than just tell you about the experience. It enables them to open a case and have action taken on their behalf in real time.

Similarly, ExAM’s Watchwords feature enables specific words to be added that trigger cases that open directly in Service Cloud so that customer service agents can begin to intercede or take action as appropriate while there is still time to recover the customer’s service experience.

ExAM to Salesforce to Wave Analytics

Real Understanding in Real Time


Outpatient Clinics


Amazing Result

Driving Executive Decision Making

Understanding what isn't working

The feedback makes it easy to see where stakeholders are experiencing difficulties with regard to service provision and enabled them to make decisions to begin addressing those challenges.

Start Service recovery in Real Time

ExAM let the team bake in the ability to open cases immediately based for stakeholders who had a poor experience through ExAM’s Case Question feature as well as for cases that had words that should trigger an immediate response based on ExAM’s Watchlist Words feature.

Advanced Analytics

ExAM also enables you to embed other corporate analytics capabilities you may have like Google Analytics directly into our surveys so that you can those tools as well.

Learn How We Did It

From the idea to the customer in six weeks. Our team and their team became one team fast. ExAM makes it so you don’t have to worry about the technology. We were able to focus on the answers we needed, the questions we needed to get those answers and the analytics we needed to make that information actionable.