The ExAM team has brought out another useful feature in ExAM v1.60 and that is the ability to randomize question inside of sections. This feature allows for you to have a bank of questions created inside of a section, where you can then designate how many questions you would like displayed and randomized. So let’s say you have 10 questions inside of a section, if you were to enter the value 6 into the Random Display Count field each time the public assessment that is attached to the assessment template is opened or refreshed it will pull 6 questions from that 10 question bank and display them in a random order.

1.Since the question Randomization is dictated on a Section level, First, you will navigate to a Section template.

2.Here you will see the field Random Display Count. If you are not seeing the fields shown in the example below please refer to Adding a Field to Page Layout. This is the field that will determine the number of questions that are randomly displayed within the section.

3.Now click Edit on the section template and enter the desired value into the Random Display Count field and click Save. This value will determine how many questions are displayed randomly within the section.

4.In order for this to work, you must have previously built out the question bank by creating the question templates within the section. That questions that exist inside the section is where the random questions will be drawn from.