While the addition of Rich Text question type is not intended to actually gather any information, therefore it is hard pressed to call it a question it provides you with a unique capability of adding text to an assessment with the capabilities of applying rich text qualities without the knowledge of inserting HMTL code into the question. This question type can be used to augment your users experience such as delivering instructions with applied styling as well as allowing you the tools of a rich text editor to accomplish any of the use cases you might have for it.

The rich text question type is a simple as selecting the question type and then using the text editor to apply any styling you might want to the text that you are delivering.

The styling that you apply in the rich text editor will be reflected to the end user. Unfortunately due to limitations the numbered list and bulleted list will not reflect properly when the assessment is viewed through the public viewer and it is important to note that. We are working to remove those options from the text editor until a solution can be reached. Other than that the only limitation to the rich text question type is you ability to imagine up new and creative ways to use it!