The last step to this puzzle is putting the workflow rule in place that will execute the action of toggling the field on the object that designates whether or not the contact has opted in or out of the newsletter. The process highlighted in this example has been focusing on unsubscribe so this workflow rule will set that field to false. It is important to note that this process can be repeated with other functions in mind and by repeating these steps and creating a new workflow you are able to execute a different action.

To set up the workflow rule navigate to Setup and type Workflow Rules into the quick find box and click on it.

Click on New Rule and set the Object to Contact.

You will then provide a Rule Name as well as set the rule criteria to fit your needs and click Save & Next.


Now select Add Workflow Action and click New Field Update. Here you can set the criteria for the field update and click Save. You will then click Done and don’t forget to activate the workflow rule otherwise it won’t work.


Now that everything is in place when the unsubscribe public assessment is created in a relation to a contact record and the assessment link is clicked the steps we put in place will work together to toggle the field on the contact that determines if they wish to receive the Email newsletter to false. That way when you run a report to generate your mass email list it will recognize that they have opted out and not include them.