Setting Up Assess Anything

Assess Anything is a vital piece of what makes ExAM so powerful. Using Assess Anything you are able to expose both standard objects and custom objects as assessable. By doing this you are then able to create assessments against these object. This allows you to collect data and leverage that data through customizable reports and dashboards to inform you at a glance on key decisions or whatever the use case you decide to utilize it may be.

Click on the App Launcher in the top left hand of the screen. From here you will click on the ExAM Icon to launch the app.

Then along the header, you will see a list of tabs. Click on More, where you will see ExAM Configuration and click on it.

Under the Assess Anything section, there will be an open text box. You will enter in your domain URL and click Save Endpoint URL.

Your domain URL can be found on the Home tab of ExAM when in Salesforce Classic. It will be displayed in your browsers URL bare, but it is only the section from https through .com. For example, the URL that you see displayed might look like this “” but the portion that you are copying and entering is only “”.