Setting Up Assignment Manager’s Overall Status on Submit

Whenever an assessment is submitted by an end user an assignment manager is created holding the information that was contained in the submission. Setting up the Assignment Manager Overall Status on submit allows you to dictate what the status of that assignment manager will be upon submission. The recommended status upon submission is to set the assignment manager to complete. Knowing what the status of the assignment manager upon submit allows you to drive process builders as well as workflows within your org based off of the status. Having the status set to complete also allows for analytics within ExAM to display information relating to the status of the assignment managers of an assessment template.

To set up the Assignment Manager’s Overall Status you will navigate to the ExAM Configuration tab.

From here you will scroll down until you see a section titled Assignment Manager’s Overall Status on Complete. Click on Edit, there will be a dropdown picklist for you to choose a status. You will choose Completed and click Save.

You have now successfully configured the assignment manager’s overall status on complete.