The Addition of an “Other” Free Text response to a picklist style question template allows the survey participant to provide an alternative answer if none of the answer choices apply to them.

Implementing the “Other” Answer Option

Navigate to the ExAM Command Console.

Select an Assessment template that you wish to include a picklist style question with the addition of the “Other” answer option.

Click on +Add Question.

Provide the question template with the question text and select a question type that is a picklist style.

Provide the question template with the standard answer options like you would normally do. To quickly add answer options you can click +Add Quick Answer, if you wish to provide more detail to the answer options initially you can click +Add Advanced Answer.

After all your specific answer options have been provided, click on the Options tab of the question template.

Scroll down and set the Show Inline Comment checkbox to True. This field is what determines if there will be an additional answer option on the question template that will read “Other”. When an end user clicks this answer option a text box will be generated allowing them to input whatever text they wish to respond with.

Once you have your question template finalized you will then click Add Question. At this point, you will have a question template displaying on your public assessment that utilizes the optional inline comment answer option.