Description: The ExAM team understands that although a lot of might be doing the same thing from time to time we often have a different vocabulary that has been developed and may be unique to your company. An example is survey, inspection, and data call can all be used relatively interchangeably. To help mitigate the risk of functionality not being understood or utilized to its full capacity we have included a custom label that is customizable to change “Assignment manager” on the mobile app to say the desired transaction.

  1. From the ExAM app home screen, you are going to click on “Setup” which will be in the upper-right hand corner of the screen.

  2. From the setup page you will time “Custom” into the quick find box located on the left of the screen and then you will select “Custom Labels”.

  3. On this page, you will look for the custom label titled “Web_Assignment_Manager_Label” where you will click the Edit button.

  4. From here you are able to edit the Custom label where the changes will be made on the mobile application. The picture below is a before and after the custom label was changed from the default “Assignment Manager” to “ Inspection”. The change can be seen reflected at the top.
    Before:Assignment manager custom label.jpg

    Assignment manager custom label inspection.jpg

  5. If you are looking to make translation on a more global scale throughout the desktop viewer that should be done through the translation workbench in setup.