The watchlist words feature allows you to configure your assessment to create a case upon the submission of an assessment containing a single word, a list of words, or a string of words. By creating a case when a watchlist word is entered you are able to utilize Salesforce native functionality to trigger an Email alert or other appropriate actions depending on the use case. Watchlist words are often used to detect a negative input and promptly notify the survey administrators of this input allowing them to react quickly and appropriately. That is just a broad example of one use case, as there are many scenarios where watchlist words could be implemented and useful. The only limit to this functionality is your ability to think of new and useful ways to implement it.

To configure the watchlist words for an assessment you would navigate to an Assessment Template.

On the assessment template, you will scroll down to the Configuration URLs section where you will see WatchList Words Configuration and you will click on it.

Here you are able to configure the words or string of words that you wish to trigger the creation of a case. You are able to repeat this step to build out a list by clicking the + and continuing to type in the text boxes. Once you have your list of words entered you will click Save.

Upon saving you have successfully configured the assessment template for watchlist words. If a survey participant completes an assessment template and their response contains something from the watchlist a case will be created inside your Org.