ExAM provides you with the ability to assess, manage, and interpret information to make critical business decisions.


ExAM is short for Extensible Assessment Manager. Available on the Salesforce Appexchange, ExAM utilizes the power of the Salesforce and provides your organization with all the necessary tools to build assessments, collect information, manage that information, and drive important decision making.

1. Feedback


Ask better questions. Get better answers. Then ask them anywhere, anytime and anyplace. Secure, scalable and connected to everything in your Salesforce org…

2. Data Calls & Survey


Advanced features like Field Mapping enable you to connect the questions you ask directly to the data you use to run your business in Salesforce. Seamlessly move data from front end forms directly into fields in objects within Salesforce.

3. From Information to Insight


Ride the wave to actionable insight. ExAM helps you get the most out of your information with native analytics and powerful tools to help you harness the power of Salesforce’s Wave Analytics.

4. Built in Salesforce connected to your other Cloud stuff...


Born in Salesforce but connected to the cloud, ExAM connects to the things you use to understand your business. Whether it be Google Analytics, Adwords, Maps, etc. ExAM leverages the tools you are used to, to bring you powerful insights…



Get a Demo and Try ExAM for 30 Days

Built on the Salesforce platform, ExAM gets you the information you need to better the things that matter to you.

Tell us about your use case and get a demo. If you like what you see install it in your existing Salesforce org or get your own demo environment so you can see how ExAM can work for you.

Enterprise Understanding

ExAM enables an enterprise understanding of customer feedback, market research, and other complex information gathering activities all within your Salesforce Org. Gather information directly against Accounts, Leads, Products, Contacts and all Standard and Custom Objects.

Easy to Use

Quickly and easily build out surveys, easily customize look and feel and send at real scale. Sending thousands or hundreds of thousands of feedback inquiries a month? Do it all in Salesforce and unlock the power of stakeholder insight.

Advanced Features

Connect to the rest of your Cloud strategy. As a Salesforce native AppExchange product, we understand the power of the whole cloud. Its why we help you connect to your other tools like Google Analytics, Adwords, Maps, etc.

ExAM is an AppExchange product made by Salesforce ISV Silver Partner Millsapps, Ballinger & Associates and 2016 20 Most Promising Salesforce Solutions Providers.

Advanced Features. Easy To Use.

With hundreds of advanced features that get you better data faster, ExAM has been built from the ground up to help you understand your customer and your business. ExAM helps you configure criteria based customer satisfaction surveys to be sent when cases are closed in the Service Cloud. These features allow you to ask your customer the next question based on the answer to the last one and can be configured to open a case based on a survey and a customer’s feedback score.

Releases per Year

“We were very lucky to work with the ExAM team to develop a personalized, tailored application for our program. The team was fantastic to work with – they truly listened to our needs, co-designed with us and our users, and were very attentive to completing tasks quickly and ahead of schedule. I give my highest recommendations working with the ExAM team!”

Andrea Ippolito

VA Innovators Network Lead, VA Center for Innovation

“It’s about getting to value.  ExAM helps you get down to the business of getting business value faster than anything I’ve seen in a long time. For big organizations with lots of moving parts, ExAM helps you get the information you need out of people’s heads and into your backend so you can start using it to make decisions. ”

Rick Smith

Builder of Performing Government Programs, Maximum Performance Group

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