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Collect. Manage. Understand.

ExAM4Enterprise provides organizations with the ability to collect, manage, and understand information to make more educated critical business decisions affecting complex data collections and business process management scenarios. Leverage our proprietary ExAM Platform and Assess Anything technology through our ExAM4Enterprise Suite to solve critical business challenges and create a truly configurable industry-cloud.

Products Suite

We really know Salesforce. We believe in products that are centered around people. That’s why the center of our app development universe is Salesforce. Putting people first is what we do best. 

ExAM4Enterprise unlocks the entire suite to provide solutions to meet your business needs managing data and processes throughout the entire lifecycle of Inspection, Audit, Assessment, Compliance, Training, and Center of Excellence.
ExAM4Inspection provides Inspection, Audit, Compliance & Data Collection to help organizations perform inspections, assessments and complex surveys.

ExAM Assets enables you to manage physical assets and inventory to support new and existing business processes.

ExAMRV provides companies to the ability to perform inspections remotely and over videoconference.

ExAM Achieve leverages the ExAM managed package to provide a learning management toolset.

ExAm Tracker is a work management tool that helps companies connect and evaluate key company metrics for work prioritization, time management, and portfolio management.

Better Data, Better Cloud.

ExAM4Enterprise unlocks access to the entire suite of ExAM platform products to provide solutions to meet your data and process management needs through inspections, assessments, work management, assets and inventory management, learning management and more. ExAM4Enterprise includes our packaged services creating specific solutions to ensure your organization arrives at a desired outcome even with the most complex data collection challenges.


Audits & Compliance

Asset and Inventory

Facilities & Work

and Assessments

Training and

Complex Data Collection


The ExAM platform provides a foundation to address and evolve with your complex data collection driven business processes.




Use Cases

With customers ranging from private companies, federal departments to state & local organizations we support a variety of use cases.


By addressing 60-80% of your business process with a turn key product that can be configured to meet your needs our product helps you cut implementation time by 35-75% 

By leveraging a product that has been built in the context of hundreds of projects, you get capabilities you may not know you need today, but that meet the needs of the future.

The ability to scale your inspection solution to scale from a handful of users to millions of users without performance degradation.

Built on a secure platform used across the Federal, Defense Department and High Compliance Organizations 

iOS and Android apps that securely connect to the our enterprise applications and products.

By standing on topping of the world’s leading CRM enabling you to connect and manage your stakeholder community in a way that just isn’t possible with other solutions.

Ready to take the leap?


ExAM Assets

Veterans Affairs Innovation Laboratory (VA) Case Study

About MB&A

Founded in 2011, Millsapps, Ballinger & Associates is committed to connecting our customers’ missions to meaningful outcomes through technology. Industry-leading products and platforms like ExAM4Enterprise, ExAM4Inspections, and ExAM Assets empower enterprises to collect, manage, and understand their data as it flows through business processes inside and outside of their organization.